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So, this weekend I went to Maelstrom, which is a LARP event. Further updates will appear at some point in the IC Diary. If you want to know more about the setting, you can watch the promotional video (Which, Maelstromers, is the same thing as is on the DVD you got in an event pack) or visit their website

Stuff that was good:

  • The sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realise that that major bit of drama going on over there is partially your fault.
  • The “Explode on death” blessing as a concept
  • Finally making it to Jade Lotus (IC japanese resturant) which was nice.
  • Playing croquet.
  • Group angst! Yay!
  • Singing songs around the fires.
  • The ginger cider
  • My character making his mind up about something cool.
  • The weather not being too hot or too cold.
  • The trebuchet.
  • Meeting Shebit & Rhiannon IC.
  • FOIP

    Stuff not quite so good:

  • New tent is too small.
  • Campsite is a deathtrap in the dark, due to pools of well-lit areas with black pits of rocks, sudden slopes and guy ropes between them.
  • Campsite is too small for the event – event isn’t going back there, though.
  • IC traders (ie, us) being too far off the beaten track
  • OOC traders being too far off the beaten track.
  • There not being much of a beaten track, really.
  • The musicians who were playing in the OOC camping area at 4am on Sunday.
  • Leaving my pirate hat on the train.
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