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It’s been an interesting week.

For starters, LoneCat went on a diet. Now, for those of you who haven’t met my housemate, she is thin in a way that I could starve myself for a decade and never be. She is, in fact, the very last person on earth who needs to go on a diet. This is not some insane fashion-following properganda thing, though, this was a detox diet. She’s allergic to something in this house (probably me) and is gradually removing elements it could possibly be.

This means that after 24 and a half years of ignorance on the subject, I am now wise and educated in the ways of Quorn, and am firmly of the opinion that it is anti-food. It doesn’t exist, shouldn’t exist, and is wrong. It tastes of nothing at all, it is effectivly invisible food.

Anyway, having been sworn off meat, potatoes, pasta, bread and other interesting things in life (Well, for evening meals. Not being on the diet means I cheated and ate bacon sandwiches) she’s dropped off the diet a couple of days early, on the quite sensible grounds that she felt like she was about to be eaten by a giant kiwi fruit.

Last night we went to see Mr & Mrs Smith, which wasn’t bad and contained many guns.

Project Get My Life Back continues apace. The idea was to write entries on the bus and get this place ticking over again, but instead I’ve been watching CSI episodes and writing articles about DOM Scripting instead. You’ll probably get to see one at some point. Oh, and a chapter of ACDS, which is neat.

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