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So, At close of play Sunday (02:45 AM) I’ve suceeded in writing the istic.net wonderful user system that will consolodate all the accounts on most of the various websites I’ve done. CIN/R has a design, said user system, campaigns, character class, preferences & architecture, CIN/F still needs to be designed then moved over (And probably rewritten, but that’s another job) JIN/HIN/NIN have to be confirmed – It’s an awfully stupid thing to do if I’m just going to scrap the whole idea again – Which leaves only Touchstone (Now CIN/S), Threadnaut (AIN/T) and Angelica (MIN?) on the geek-list. Of course, then there is Toffia, Alice, Cevearn, ACDS etc.

Tomorrow, then, should leave CIN/R with characters, games, lassos and approvals, with artifacts to follow.

Then, of course, I have to redesign CIN/F.

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