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Okay, so I went to Notts for the weekend, which was fun. Kudos to Pol for lifts, Supermouse & Huw for organisation beyond the call of duty, and TFLA for saving the day.

We saw Murlin Rouge, which was *Megacool* though not quite as cool as Monsters Inc. Films Good.

Other Things

Yes, Sarabian, The last entry didn’t validate. It does now.

And, on a slightly more “Parish Announcements” note, those of you who also follow my illustrious girlfriend’s diary should be aware that partly due to the fuckwittery of crackers, and partly for other reasons, LoneCat is unable to get into her account to update her site until she can get her password reset. She apologises for this delay, and is quite irritated about it.

I won’t mention how small a problem this would be if she used Klide for her diary, because that would be nasty

(I should mention, to be fair, that the only reason LC’s site isn’t using a similar system is that MySQL on her host isn’t working. But it’s my diary, and I’ll be unfair if I want to…)

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