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First, I remembered the reason I stopped using the Easyspace Free account that the Mods I mentioned yesterday are hosted on. Although it’s a 50mb account with “unlimited” bandwidth (ie, “if you make a dent in our bandwidth, say buh-bye to your site”) The future server has a nasty habit of stripping random files to 0 bytes at upload, hence the broken links. Which is why I moved to Netmanor instead, but that didn’t support SSI, so I went to BTInternet’s space, but then I moved ISP, so I went to Pennyhost, then they sucked, so I went to Beehost. Now better offers are heading my way, so stuff might happen…

The upshot of this is that the link I posted two days ago (to http://aquarion.future.easyspace.com/mods/index.html” will now actually work, and all sorts of musical goodness will be yours…

In other news, I’ve updated the “What $FOO are you?” tests page with Izzard, Maths, Mythological Creature, Anime, Evil, D&D, Tarot and Labyrinth tests. I take too many of these things. The test page is at http://www.aquarionics.com/klind.php?q=tests.

Finally, and by no means leastly, I’m off to the Nottingham Meet for the weekend thanks to the wonderfulness of Pol, who is giving me a lift; Huw & Supermouse, who are providing crashspace for differant nights; Supermouse Again, for hosting the meet; and Lonecat, for just being there.

Yeah, I know, Vom 😛

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