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Okay, I think Blogger is working to the extent I can actually use it now, Therefore you can read the ninth’s entry. Arn’t you lucky?

Okay, official annoucement of the new changes: I have made some changes. The first is the new factfile link, which replaces the FAQ. Simply because nobody asks the questions 🙂 The second is the new, improved Portal, which now intergrates with the rest of the site, and my own personal Comics Bar which people might find fun.

And now, since I’ve done that, it’s wibble time. Sorry.

The problem with Meets, the real, one, single, important, vital problem with meets, be it AFE, AFP, #Tash, Soapbubble, or whatever, the problem is that I live in a one bedroom flat. Which means that after the bubbly innuendo, fun, laps and wonderfulness that some meets entail, or the cheese, alcohol, chocolate, alcohol, vokda, alcohol cycle of other meets, I go back to my one bedroom flat in Sunderland and calmly and logically fall to pieces. Something I’m not doing now, simply because I can’t afford to. And, this time, because I am getting phone calls. This next couple of weeks may be Not Fun, simply because I am not only 300 miles from my “Real” friends, but I am divided from my “Imaginary” friends (Real = People you know IRL, Imaginary = People you know Online) by the fact that my computer is sitting in my room 300 miles away too, which makes it hard to IRC. But while I get phone calls from Complex people (People I know both online and off, and yes, that is a point of Tuesdays title) I can pretend for a bit. So the lesson for today, folklets, is “Never live in a one bedroom flat, unless you are totally sure you can deal without people”.

I point out that I do, in fact, have friends up here too, but it’s exam time, and most of their time is erraticly split between revising and sleeping and being Not Here.

But right now I have an exam to revise for, So I may speak to you soon. TTFN

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