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I pushed a thing live.

It took 12 hours, I’m still fixing bugs in it, but it’s there, a new base to start from, and nearly five months work. It could have gone better, but there are ways it could have gone worse.

There was nothing else at all in my working week.


I’ve done pretty much no prep for Empire, and a lot of my good intentions evaporated over winter. So it goes. I’ll turn up in the field on Thursday, and try to learn to care less.

I have made not a single commit to a personal project in the last week. That’s a little scary, and in no way good.

Mostly, the reasons why are in the Small Content Provider post I made earlier this week. A post which got several retweets, a few reblogs, and I saw other people on my facebook timeline discussing it in their own facebook timelines. As a thing to prove my point, it proved my point very well, it got more response than anything I’ve posted here in the last year.


Pillars of Eternity, for more than I’ve played anything in one sitting since Christmas. Also I got into TSW and doinked some golden golums on the head, and defeated the angel in Hell Eternal (though not without dying in the final battle. That last fight in HE is I think the only Elite Boss I’ve never been alive for the final fall of).

Most of the next week is going to be spent in a field wearing various silly hats.

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