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Sorry for lack of updates. Stuff has been happening.

I seem to go in stages, either I’m too busy to blog, or so unbusy that bloging is a waste of your bandwidth.

Spent an entertaining day on Wednesday filming a Dr Who fanfilm with some friends and (*sigh*) one of them’s new girlfriend. Fun. Vomish[1] but still fun.

In AFP news, Aquarion Kael Da’Blue has just annouced his AFPFianceship with the fantastic and beautiful Nattie (If this makes no sense to you, this is a comunitty thing, it bares no relationship with Real Life, except that we are friends. Kay?).

In less specialist news, I have now 6 days remaining until I zoom off to the south of france on holiday. During this time I will not blog, even if I find a cybercafe to play in. I will be not checking email, going on IRC, keeping up with usenet, or anything internet-related at all. Except sending the odd postcard to people whose addresses I have.

And now for the last bit. CD’s and books. Does anyone out there in readerland have an suggestions for CD’s and Books I should take on holiday? You do? Tell me about it:

What is your name?

And your E-mail Address?

And your message?

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