Having entered the murky world of Contracting, I’m putting together a new set of recruiters, since my previous circle of useful ones mostly deal in permanent roles. These are some things agencies have done that annoy me:

Gone dark

If I’ve applied for a role, and you’ve put my CV forward, and they’ve given you feedback of the form “Good but not the one”, please do not “wait until [you] have balancing news” before telling me of this.

This goes double, triple, quadruple for interview feedback. One agency got told “We’d hire him now, but he’s too expensive with your fee” and instead of discussing negotiations with me, fobbed me off with “They haven’t got back to us” for a month until they hired someone else.

Fishing Expeditions

If I apply for a job that happens to go though you, it’s because I’m interested in applying for that job. I’m not really interested in being on your database as a primary objective, and phoning me up with roles outside my field (The top part of my CV consists of a long list of buzzwords I’m compliant with. None of Java, .Net, ASP, Mercury or Drupal are on it, whereas other things like them are. Guess why?) will not make me happy.

Fucking Around With My References

My references aren’t on my CV. As of this month, though, I won’t give them out except to companies themselves, not to agencies. Why? Because a recruitment agent asked me for my references “because a company asked for them” and then used them to spam high-level contacts in previous companies. Well done.