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So, I was going to go to SXSW this weekend, but I lost the company iPhone, so I didn’t have the money for the tickets. Woe. Cancelled.

So, I was going to Scotland this weekend, but Stuff Happened. Woe. Cancelled.

So, I was going to be helping Mitch Benn and doing roadie stuff for the video for his new single (an update of Happy Birthday War) today, but a communications breakdown broke-out, and that didn’t happen either.

So I made Lasagna.

This wasn’t unplanned, really. I asked Abel & Cole to bring me some minced beef last week, I bought a Lasagna pan and tinned tomatoes yesterday, but still. This was new.

I did not, however, buy dried Lasagna sheets, and this is because in order to maintain skills previously known, I decided to make the pasta sheets by hand, which was not difficult but turned something already fairly faffy into a mountain of faff. Cooking decent bolognese takes ages, white sauce requires the constant attention that stops me from cooking normally, and add to that the need to spend ages with a rolling pin attempting to get eggs and flour as thin as possible?

I complain too much. It took ages, but it was a relaxing ages, and I managed to do stuff in the meantime (Though I still don’t know what to talk about next weekend). And now I have a recipish for lasagna and a small mountain of washing up in the future.

But now, the pub.

Finished Lasagna by Aquarion, on Flickr

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