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  • I have new flat.
  • I am the king of boxes, all boxes flock to my presence.
  • Somehow, in moving from one small room in E17 to two medium/large rooms in E10, I have manged to cover the entire floorspace in the latter with the contents of the former.
  • By which I mean, I have a lot of boxes.
  • Some of which haven’t been opened since the last time I moved.
  • Sleeping on a proper bed for the first time in a while is comfortable.
  • Carefully made lists of vital things I do not currently own.
  • Including “a knife”
  • Left list at home.
  • Avoided eating scrambled eggs out of a shoe with a comb.
  • Had cornflakes instead.
  • New house has hot and cold running water
  • But neither hot nor cold running tinternets.
  • But does have ladybirds.
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