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I’ve moved house. Again.

And so a series of things happen, meaning I’m now living in Walthamstow. Fortunately, I am a member of Walthamstow Pool Hall already, and I have friends here, and it’s close to the tube, and stuff.

The house has been without the tubes of tinternet for a couple of weeks, including the week or so I’ve been here, but now they are back.

I went to Pub Standards on Thursday, which I discovered by stalking Natalie Downe via the wonder that is Twitter. This eventually involved a nice pub, an amount of beer, and the discussion of jokes about breezeblocks with the internet’s Dean Edwards. Do not ask me to tell you the breezeblock joke.

New design of AqCom is happening. I’ve got a better idea of what I want the site to look like now. Elements of this, bits of that, and some magic of Ajax. The design is now on paper. Next stage is colour, then mock-up in PSP, Photoshop, or something. Then cut up and CSS/HTMLify, hack Epistula to do the things it needs to do that it doesn’t do already (Epistula’s coming up to five years old now, and there’s very little I actually need to change from the original basic design. Apart from the lack of proper templating, which I should have done properly the first time. One day I’ll have another two months free to rewrite it…)

First week at work has been fun, with gunfights and tea and monitors and laptops and meetings and code and designs and jam. I’m unlikely to specifically start talking about exactly what I’m doing – at least not for a few months or we get a company blog or something – but the results of some of the stuff I’m doing may get refactored and turned into articles. Possibly.

The company as a whole has Clue, which is nice.

But yes, I have Moved. That is this place here is now Home, and that place up there is now Away. At some point soonish, I’m going to shift the rest of Away into my new Home (Having moved from an entire two bedroom house into that studio flat, I’m perfectly sure I can now fit it all into a single room in a shared house. Oh yes). Today me and Brother The Second wandered up to Bedford to pick up the pile of cushions I laughingly refer to as a bed and shift it down here so I can stop sleeping in the living room.

The world continues apace.

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