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I do humbly apologise to anyone expecting to read this weblog for techical stuff. It’s all gone a bit cheese sandwichy, hasn’t it?

There’s a reason for this.

The first is that we started off as a cheese sandwich blog, and then I decided if I was going to do a cheese sandwich blog I could do it on fucking livejournal and this was going to be only for splendid and worthwhile posts on technology and XML and Linux and Sysadmining and all kinds of neat stuff.

Then I, you know, stopped updating. Because all the stuff I was doing on technology was stuff I can’t talk about because the company didn’t like it when I do, and sysadmining stuff went away because there is only so often you can bewail the existence of EIMS on OS 8 before it begins to suck the very life out of the most vibrant and exciting places.

(This does not count as one. In the last couple of years I’ve lost you all, haven’t I? You’ve all fucked off to more interesting weblogs, cheating on me, damn your eyes.)

So, this is what will happen: I will update this damn thing again. I will tell you what I’m working on in home projects and – assuming the new company don’t object – work projects as soon as I’m allowed to mention they exist. Should there be any.

But first:


I went to my leaving do for Evolving Media last friday, and was somewhat… worried. “Why”, said Linda the accountant when handing my my final paycheque, “Are you leaving at all?”, and she had a point. I was leaving, and I had nowhere to go to on Monday morning. I would be Unpaid, Unloved and In Trouble. I resolved to spend the entire weekend applying for as many jobs as I could find with my skill-set or below it.

Instead, I went to London to see people, play with Wiis and deliver crack.

This, you will note, is not exactly compatible with finding a new job. And you would be wrong, in this case, because I was discussing with Charles – whose Wii it was – how the company he works for needs a web dev. I’d already emailed my CV, but wasn’t expecting much from it. (I have applied for several dozen jobs in the past three weeks. I am annoyed by how few bother to reply at all), and he suggested I post a more “pure” webdev CV (My usual CV is a mix of Sysadmin and Webdev), which I did.

He passed it on to his bosses, with a note that I’d be passing by the office in a few hours on my way home, which I was, and could pop in if they wanted a chat. They did.

Next day, I went back in at their request to meet more people. They liked me too, and made me an offer.

This gave me about a week to find a way to work in Kings Cross without it costing me a number of bombs. My solution to this is to move to London, which I’m doing as of tomorrow.

This means I’m going to be paying rent for two houses this month, which means I’m going to be very poor indeed. If anyone knows a way I can make a few hundred pounds without spending any time or effort on the enterprise, please let me know…

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