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Gosh. Busy week.

Okay, I’m being moaned at because I haven’t updated in a while (And I’m going to fail to hit my ideal of hitting 2000 weblog posts in 2006. I am a poor excuse for a journaler).

I’m currently at my parent’s place for a few days, on a reconnaissance mission to try to work out what to buy parents/brothers/dog for Christmas. They all – with the notable exception of the dog – have a tendency to buy the things they desire, or not know what they want, or be generally unhelpful.

I’m discovering that my monitor at home is dying, I think. Having seen this design on other peoples’ monitors, I realise exactly how screwed the gamma is on it, it’s all a bit overexposed, isn’t it? Ah well, maybe I’ll delete the whole thing and start again. Again.

Meanwhile I’ve just got myself a Twitter account. I may even keep it updated…

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