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Hello na, Welcome to Aquarion’s script to update playlists

Be warned, this script is a little complicated, and it may take a

while, but I’ll do my best to keep you aware of what on earth is

happening. Today we will be indexing “/home/na/mp3” and all it’s

Subdirectories, putting the shiny new playlists in /home/na/playlists

and taking up most of sacrifice’s resources while doing so 🙂

Checking directory structure, /home/na/playlists

> Got directory, Checking writablity…

…and /home/na/playlists/album

> Got directory, Checking writablity…

> Removing old albums

Archiving Files:

> random-album-sacrifice.m3u -> /home/na/playlists/oldalbum.gz,

> random-albums-windows.m3u -> /home/na/playlists/oldwindows.gz,

> random-album-sacrifice-noext.m3u -> random-album-sacrifice-noext.gz,

> random list

Making logical playlists:

Listing /home/na/mp3


Reading 581 directories from command line

77/581(+) – All_Saints.m3u

Done making playlists


Making Random file

( 5207 files)

…with extended info

…with a lack of extended info

…a Windows Version

…and finally, a version for online streaming


Making a HTML index of mp3s


All done. Thankyou for flying Aquarion Airways

Generated HTML list

See? I can achive some things. I could put the code online, but it’s incredibly kludgy. I might do it anyway. Stay tooned

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