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*Ahem* Here we go…

Number one, I shouldn’t have stormed out of #afp without explaining why. I expected people to be able to read my mind, and suprisingly enough, it didn’t work. I apologise to all those people who think I left because they were being silly. I – for reasons I’m not going to explain – have issues with Real Names, and me leaving a channel is far easier than expecting them all to stop doing something for reasons I’m not going to explain.

Having said that, I intend to stick to the decisions I made as I left. I will no longer be on #afp 24/7, it simply is destroying my ability to work. I will be back on afp when I’ve calmed down, and when I’m not so depressed that the fact that nobody replies to anything I write except to pedant it is seen as a personal attack. I can’t cope with apathy right now

The main reason I didn’t post this three days ago is somewhat amusing, although not if you are me. As I quit AFP, sacrifice – my main server, proxy, firewall, news server, and File store was running an “apt-get dist-upgrade” to bring it inline with the latest version of Debian. This appears to have upgraded Samba (The system which allows me to see portions of the server as drives on my local box, and the program I use to keep my My Documents folder and MP3 collection on the server where it is safe) and done something *somewhere* down the line which is stopping any of the windows boxes on the network from accessing any of the shared folders. The box needs stripping down and rebuilding, but I’m waiting for the next version of Debian (Woody) to go stable.

So, with no IRC and no mp3s, all my documents unobtainable (The new upgrade broke SSH as well. *sigh*) what do I do?

I rearrange my life. I spent the whole of Sunday tidying, and reorganising my bedroom/office/home, something I haven’t done since I moved back in nine months ago. Since then I’ve been – basically – living out of the pile of clothes at the end of my bed. My room is now more open-plan, I have enough plug sockets, my bookshelf has books on it again, and I’m not getting dreams about being trapped in small rooms since my bed is no longer surrounded on three sides by tall furniture. In doing so I found the stylus to my Palm, several books, about 5 pounds in loose change, and a spare computer

So that’s all right then

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