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The Mighty Hat was invited to join a Supervillain group.

(The Mighty Hat is a person who found a green top hat in a house clearance. The hat allows him to summon zombies to do his bidding. The hat is labelled “Baron Saturday”, so he doesn’t wear it on Saturdays because he isn’t a baron. He is one of my many and varied City of Villains Characters )

The Mighty Hat has temporarily teamed up with some more villains to do some villainy, but is currently waiting for the leader to get back from a “bio break”, so accepts the invitation.

I lasted three minutes.

It started nicely enough, with discussions on pink as a proper colour for a villain costume, black as cliche and such. Then they told me that a lot of the organising of the guild was done though a Guild Portal hosted site, so I went looking.

For the purposes of this, I’m going to pretend the name of the group is “Super Villains”. It isn’t, but it means I can demonstrate roughly what happened:

bq.. [Mighty Hat] When I search for “Super Villains” I can’t find the group.
[Group Leader] It’s there, are you searching in the CoV section?
[Mighty Hat] … yes.
[Group Leader] And you’re looking for “Super Villain’s”?
[Mighty Hat] Shouldn’t that be Villains?
[Group Leader] No. The coma is important.
[Mighty Hat] Er… It isn’t a comma, it’s an apostrophe, and it shouldn’t be there at all.

  • Snip Argument *** [Group Leader] Speling Nazi

  • Mighty Hat has been kicked from Super Villains.

    I was kicked from a Super Villain group for being a spelling nazi, when we were talking about punctuation. I feel so proud.

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