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Workrave is telling me I should stop for the day. I trust it. This should not take long.

RSI back. Sentances shorter. Feel like am in a bad Bridget Jones parody.

Possibly Shatner impersonation.

Learning Python. Have taught python to play Foursquare solitare.


Am positive that are better ways of doing things I’m doing. Doing it anyway. Learning Process Considered Nonhalmful.

Recent Things Seen:

(Blinks not working. No idea why. Suspect aliens. Possibly Allens.)

Aquarionics now has its own Amazon ASIN code. Counting days until am in bargain basement.

Fanpants. I’ve no idea what I can say about this.

Real ask Apple to open up AAC DRM because Real are famous for opening up formats and everything.

Freedom Force 2 Diary for great justice.

Am getting tired of sentances fragmented are they. Am going to cast Summon Gramatical Ability, to see what happens.

Ahh, better this is. Irritating that structure was getting.

Try that again. Right. It’s been an dull week on Planet Aquarion. I’m attempting to make the most of my employment limbo by learning how Python actually works. Despite having written Aquaintances in it, I’ve little to no idea how the language actually works (Aquaintances is very much cargo cult programming, and anyway, I’m no longer using it, I’ve switched to Bloglines instead along with the rest of the known world). This has involved working though Dive into Python and applying the new knowledge gained to solving the problem, which is making FourSquare work.

FourSquare Patience

  1. Shuffle normal 1c52 deck.
  2. Deal four cards into seperate “play” piles
  3. Remove any Kings from the top of any “play” pile.
  4. If any cards on the top of any of the play piles add up to 13 (A=1, J=11, Q=12) remove those two cards to the Win pile.
  5. If any play piles are empty, deal one card to each empty space and go to step 3.
  6. Otherwise, go to step 2.
  7. Once you run out of cards to be dealt. Add play piles together, do not shuffle and go to step two.
  1. When all cards are in the win deck, you’ve won.

    (1c52 == 1 standard deck of 52 cards, meaning no jokers. Contrast with 2c52, 1c104 (Include latin suites), 1c54 etc)

    For a patience game, it’s very simple, can be completely automated, but can be made more or less complicated more or less arbitarily. For example, you may want to consider which cards are underneath at step 4, to see if removing this pair rather than that pair will gain you access to that queen which matches that ace.

    In short, it’s a nice progamming exercise for learning a language, but the real test is to see how much of the code you can reuse for writing BlackJack further down the line.

    And no, I’m not publishing the code for at least another four lessons or so 😀

    Also, I’m still playing x2, Tropico 2, and – thanks it getting posted back to me – Battlefield 1942 (Actually, mostly Battlefield Pirates) and waiting for my life to get interesting again.

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