Dark Light

So, we went to see Cars, which is an excellent movie, and highly recommended. Esspecially the end credits, because this is pixar, and they are gods.

Of course, in return for going to the cinema and having fun, and not doing what I should have been doing, karma had its way, and I discovered:

  • Whilst Nando’s salsa and pita thing is very nice, the salsa does not go well when dropped into your glass of fanta.
  • Cocktail sticks are sharp and will happily skewer your thumb
  • You should have drunk that milk a while ago
  • Double glazing is nice, but is no subsitute for neighbours whose car alarms work properly
  • Double glazing is nice, but does not protect you from small scooters at 2am.
  • The icehouse piece I thought I’d lost.
  • The egyptians build pyramids very large so that they wouldn’t accidentally tread on them at 2am.
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