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So I’ve used this title before. Nevermind.

Anyone who objects to my being blissfully happy can sod off, right now, because I’m going to report on my weekend.

It begins, as these things do, at the beginning, because – as previously aforementioned – my darlink Lonecat, girlfriend, cowriter of NSD, and all around Wonderful Person, was coming down to TFTOPW[1] for the weekend. necessitating me being unable to head to Scotland for the weekend instead.

On friday I seriously thought about tidying my room. This is how deep I’m into this now. As was promised (and reported in her own diary) she arrived on the 19:30 train from LCX[2], where I was waiting to walk her back though the dark and dismal streets of the Fictional Town.

Things We Did

We went to see Enigma

Enigma is good. It stinks of “Miss Jones” syndrome (“Why, Miss Jones! Without your glasses you’re beautiful”), but has a nicely convoluted plot, with fun people and nice hats 🙂


…followed Movie, obviously, as we wandered into town (A journey that, by itself could inspire epics of Eddingsian proportions, involving dare-devilry, magic, secret societies, and the fate of the world in the hands of the innocent, but I’ll refrain), found money, found resteraunt, ate food, ate dessert (LC’s site has a review of both 🙂 And generally lived the biroid equivilant of The Good Life.

Went Home

Hmm. This requires some explaination, so I shall do so. Going home from Maidstone (Where the cinema and resturant were) involves catching a train that runs every hour. And, for various reasons, I wasn’t paying attention when we got to the stop.

The important thing here is that it wasn’t actually the stop that meant we were home, but actually the stop *before* the stop that meant we were… yes. This, natrually, didn’t stop me crying “Fuck” and letting lose the dogs of panic, and jumping off the train just before it left

So we walked home from Beltring, which is something I’ve never done before, and I navigated us home without getting lost. I think that’s an accivement, don’t you? We walked and talked, and watched shiny firework displays…

Yes, I’m a moron, thanks. I know this, and I should have been paying attention. Okay?

The Rest

Sleep, Breakfast, #Movie meeting, Food, South Park Movie (My mum was sitting in the room while we were watching this. Watching movies like that with parents is a whole strange and differant definition of fun. belive me.)

Pol has offered me a lift to the Harry Potter Bath Meet in a couple of weeks, which will be nice. The dog is wandering from room to room, terrified of the fireworks, which is less nice 🙁

And no, I still don’t have a job. I’ve been… distracted.

[1] The Fictional Town of Paddock Wood, where I live
[2] London Charring Cross

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