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So, I start at Evolving Media next Monday. This means I have to get this current project done – absolutly done and finished – by exactly one week today. Annoyingly, a number of things that dropped off the schedule over the last three months have been noticed, taking me from comfortably on schedule to “Oh fucking hell” in about 48 hours.

I am not enjoying being the only coder on the project. Last time this happened, we could at least split the panic between two of us. I foresee a number of late nights (and early mornings) in my future. This must be finished by friday, or the money won’t be there to pay me.

Roll on a stable career.

Been playing a lot of City of Heroes recently. It’s the first MMO game I’ve tried (and I’ve tried several) which I’m actually using enough to be worth the money. The fact I can pick it up, blitz for an hour or so wiping out thugs on the main map, or alternatively head for some proper quests for a couple of hours, or team up with whoever’s around and do either means it’s a game that suits how I want to play at any point.

Plus, Sims 2. Timesink.

With the assistance of LoveFilm, me an LC watched Big Fish yesterday. It was a good film that was almost but never quite a great film. Worth watching, though.

What else? Oh, LoneCat has a job. Woo. We shall both be employed at the same time. Wonders will never cease.

Anyway, time for the Spiraling Shape to go Erradicate Evil in Paragon City


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