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I really, really like LoveFilm

The premise is this: You pay them 15 a month (Except the first month, which is free) and choose DVDs. They send you the first three you ask for. You watch them and send them back, and each time you send one back, they send you the next in your queue. The subs include postage each way, so returning them is just dump in enveloper, dump in postbox.

But the two best things, and the reason why they’ve completely replaced all use of Blockbuster, are these:

  • You keep them as long as you like
  • They have Series DVDs.

    That is, They have Every Film Ever, as always, but they also have Futurama, X-Files, Simpsons, Firefly and Buffy. All these series you might want to watch, but don’t really need to own. The ones that no DVD rental store ever carries, and you can rent them one DVD at a time, and watch them over forever.

    By default, you get a two week trial for signing up, but you can double that by using a referral code (Like FR25) and whoever referred you (Nicholas at Aquarionics dot com) and the referer gets a free month too, which is nice.

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