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I have Plague, I am dead, all people keep away.

Sim Developer

The Artists Who Would Be Known As Maxis Had They Not Been Absorbed Wholesale Into The Electronic Arts Brand From Which No Personality Can Ever Be Allowed To Escape (TAWWBKAMHTNBAWITEABFWNPCEBATE, for short) have announced, officially, that the next Sims 2 Expansion Pack will be Open For Business, where your Sims can run shops.

This brand new, suprise announcement comes three weeks after they started releasing screenshots and videos, previews and interviews, hints and explainations. Which leads to the question: Who the hell are they annouceing it to?

Oh No! Not More Zombies!

Zombies 5 is being shipped this week, causing players up and down the universe to get planning permission for a new great hall to lay the board out in.


Interestingly, Darwinia and Rag Doll Kung Fu, both games that find themselves on the difficult end of the classification scale, have both made their way onto Steam (Which, for the record, I like. I like the fact that it means I don’t need to find my CDs to play Opposing Force again, I like that it patches things quietly, though I could live without it always being running, though I can fix that).

Second Life

The idea of Second Life appeals to me, though the program never has, exactly. Each time I try it, I see massive possibilities and wonderful things being done within a framework that makes my brain hurt (It does really cool things, like progressivly more detailed textures as it has time to load them up, and then is still slow and unwieldy). Sure it makes complicated things easy, but in doing so it seems everything simple is more difficult than it needs to be. And what’s with the fixed surname thing? Argh. I’m Jascain Switchblade on it, if anyone cares.

Other things

And there was… er… something else. Now, what was it?

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