Dark Light

I have, after close to three years of false starts, givings up, and save-game-destroying-hardware-crashes, Just completed the Original Campaign module for Neverwinter Nights.


(Now I’ve just got the expansion packs, Bioware Premium Modules and top Fandom Modules to complete, and I’ll have completed all that’s worth completing in the NWN series… Just in time for Neverwinter Nights 2. Sylvain Jae, dual-KATANA! wielding Elven Fighter Hero for hire, fights on.)

(dual KATANA!s? Yeah, I know. A long running joke between me and LoneCat is the tendancy of first-time D&D role-players to choose a KATANA! as their first weapon. Thousands of Magic KATANA!, each of which has been “folded a MILLION times” and is the “SHARPST BLADE KNOWN TO M@N!”, so when I got the option of giving Sylvain dual KATANA!s, I failed to resist.

Sylvain Jae is elven, with long hair that covers his pointy ears. This is because he doesn’t have pointy ears, due to the fact that he wields dual KATANA!s and wasn’t always quite as good at this is as he is now.)

(Yes, the exclaimation point and capitalisation of KATANA! is really necessary.)

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