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I’ve said the stuff I think about Rememberance Day before and while I should do another article relating to now, I’m not going to just yet.

My excuse isn’t very good, it’s that I’m playing The Movies instead (Which is, in Quick-Capsule-Review mode: Theme Movie Studio).

From The Mailbag:

Hello, I have found your website aquarionics.com by searching Google for “pirate 20/20 kitchen design software”. I think our websites has a similar theme, so I have already added your link to my website.

Now, if their website was really about Pirate Kitchens and how to design them (one of these with a complete set of mini-cutlasses? Hardwood countertops, Pirate flags, &c.) I’d add the link like a shot. Alas, it’s a sub-Yahoo site directory with no real purpose at all. Damnit.

I should mention it here, since I’ve said it everywhere else. I’m moving house again, possibly before Christmas. It’s not my choice, but since very few things this year have been I ought really to be used to it. I’ve dusted off the Very Big Net with which I go house-hunting, and will be taking it with me to Bedford. First viewing was a perfect flat I couldn’t get the deposit in line fast enough to afford, Second is tomorrow (and I will take my chequebook with me :-))

[Edited: Go read One City, One Community. Now. ]
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