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“Age of Empires III is available for 10p”
Interesting. That’s probably worthwhile.
“On Games For Windows marketplace”
Ah well. Lets give it a go.
  1. Go to site. “10p or 10 points” Well, I have 200 points, use those.
  2. Sign in to MSN
  3. Enter credit card details. What? Oh. Can’t I use my points?
  4. Fine then. 10p to the Visa. May your transaction fees never be overcome.
  5. Yes. yes. Yes. Yes. Download.
  6. … That’s the games for windows client? Don’t I already have that?
  7. Fine. New version. I agree, I agree, I agree. Launch.
  8. Yes, download that new game.
  9. What? Yes of course install it. Why would I… nevermind. Yes, install it.
  10. What damned product key?
  11. Oh, right, there’s a “Game Keys” option on the panel. Yes, that one. Yes, that one. Copy, Paste.
  12. … I can’t paste it in? I have to type it? But it’s *there* in electronic format! It’s in your own damned client!
  13. Fine. Type.
  14. Correct. Enter.
  15. I agree
  16. I agree.
  17. Yes, first born, whatever.
  18. Play.
  19. No, that’s launching a window of the directory you installed to. I note with interest that’s not the hard drive I’d have prefered.
  20. Play.
  21. … Your play button actually launches the directory window, doesn’t it? Oh well done.
  22. Age3.exe
  23. Ensemble Studios Presents A Microsoft Game Studios Game Of Nvidia: The Way It’s Meant To Be Played
  24. Now my tea’s cold. Woe.
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  1. The installation directory setting is cunningly hidden on the ‘Settings’ tab. Though the stupid installer still wants to unpack everything to %TEMP% first, so you’d better have plenty of space there too.

    But yeah, not exactly as smooth as Steam, is it?

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