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Games For Windows Live Undead, Marketplace Edition

“Age of Empires III is available for 10p”
Interesting. That’s probably worthwhile.
“On Games For Windows marketplace”
Ah well. Lets give it a go.
  1. Go to site. “10p or 10 points” Well, I have 200 points, use those.
  2. Sign in to MSN
  3. Enter credit card details. What? Oh. Can’t I use my points?
  4. Fine then. 10p to the Visa. May your transaction fees never be overcome.
  5. Yes. yes. Yes. Yes. Download.
  6. … That’s the games for windows client? Don’t I already have that?
  7. Fine. New version. I agree, I agree, I agree. Launch.
  8. Yes, download that new game.
  9. What? Yes of course install it. Why would I… nevermind. Yes, install it.
  10. What damned product key?
  11. Oh, right, there’s a “Game Keys” option on the panel. Yes, that one. Yes, that one. Copy, Paste.
  12. … I can’t paste it in? I have to type it? But it’s *there* in electronic format! It’s in your own damned client!
  13. Fine. Type.
  14. Correct. Enter.
  15. I agree
  16. I agree.
  17. Yes, first born, whatever.
  18. Play.
  19. No, that’s launching a window of the directory you installed to. I note with interest that’s not the hard drive I’d have prefered.
  20. Play.
  21. … Your play button actually launches the directory window, doesn’t it? Oh well done.
  22. Age3.exe
  23. Ensemble Studios Presents A Microsoft Game Studios Game Of Nvidia: The Way It’s Meant To Be Played
  24. Now my tea’s cold. Woe.

One reply on “Games For Windows Live Undead, Marketplace Edition”

The installation directory setting is cunningly hidden on the ‘Settings’ tab. Though the stupid installer still wants to unpack everything to %TEMP% first, so you’d better have plenty of space there too.

But yeah, not exactly as smooth as Steam, is it?

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