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A recipe for disaster

Did you know that in america, people buy pasta by the box? How big is a box? We don’t know. Thus, when a recipe starts “take two boxes of rice”, we should know to leave the hell alone.

Hah, I decided, your strange american phrasings cannot harm me, my culinary genius is like a shield of steel.

Take one cup of rice. That is, take a small mug, put rice into it, pour it into boiling water, and boil it for 10 minutes. Drain.
Meanwhile, cook two chicken breasts (either properly or by bunging them in the nukeomatic for a few minutea)
Meanwhile, cook several slices of bacon. Cut into little pieces.

Get casserole dish. Add rice, add bacon and chicken (sliced into smaller pieces).
Take a can of cream of chicken soup. Add half a can of milk, stir.
Pour chicken/milk stuff over rice/bacon/chicken stuff.

Add herbs (Thyme, Basil, Whatever sounds good)

Top with cheese.

Cook at 190oc for half an hour to 45 mins.

serve with greenery.

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