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Some of you, my loyal readership, will have noticed that not only are we back in the land of the standard blue-specs/aq9 design for the whole site, but where once out-of-date Vice City stats dominated the sidebar, now the more educational “Reading List” prevails. Generally, I’m reading whatever’s on the top of that list, whereupon I’ll review it and something else can go in it’s place.

The reading pile is one of the most hotly contested arguments in Catrion Towers. You see, my natural reaction to having enjoyed a book is to try to get other people to read it. Lacking anyone else to pimp books at, I tend to give them to LoneCat to read. LoneCat’s ‘To Read’ pile consists of a small pile of books beside her bedside cabinet (Actually a box with a sari over it) which tends, when I do the recomendy thing, to get to the point where she can’t easily get into bed, at which point she gets upset. (Yes, me and my girlfriend sleep in separate beds in separate rooms. One day I’ll explain why).

Right now, then, I’m forbidden to add any more books to her ‘To Read’ pile. This is somewhat unfortunate, since I have quite a few books I’m still trying to get her to read (Not at all, I should emphatically point out, because I don’t have enough bookshelf space and storing large percentages of my library in her room saves me space. Oh no. That would be mean). This means that there are now four ‘To Read’ piles in our house. First there is mine, then the one beside LoneCat’s bed, then her bookshelf where she’s got all her books she wants to reread, and fourth is the growing pile in my room of books I’m going to put on her reading pile just as soon as she either a) lets me, or b) doesn’t pay sufficient attention.

Whichever comes first

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