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Okay, so Karen wants a meet, and damnit I do to. So:

Some weekend between the 15th of July and the 1st September, I am going to hold a UK Blog meet in central London (Probably in the Green Man, because I like it and it’s cool and serves good beer).

Now. The first weekend in August is a no-go (Because I’m somewhere else that weekend), and I’ve had this “Pick a date” problem before.

So, if you would like to come to said event, comment on this post, and note any weekends you won’t be able to make, and I’ll try to pick a date without too many people not being able to come.

(If you leave an email addy on your comment, I’ll mail you when a decision is reached. If you don’t, I won’t). So comment, people, and pass on this plan via your own weblogs 🙂

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