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This day, I have been mostly…

Playing The Sims. I’m abusing a friend’s Off-Site Backup of The Sims (and six expansion packs – less Deluxe) in order to find out how much difference it makes. The answer is not a lot, though having five million floor tiles instead of just one million is a little confusing, plus it takes six times longer to start up than my old Sims+Deluxe did. Ah well.

I also upgraded to WinXP. My computer now goes from naught to desktop in just over 20 seconds, and things respond when I click them. I always forget how much difference a clean install makes…

Mostly, though, I’ve been doing something I hate doing, which is mucking around with my CV. Current thinking states that since I’ve had no interviews from the old version, best idea is to completely rewrite it completely differently and see what happens. After all, it’s only my future.

Current thinking dictates that I’m confusing the recruiters by being a Web Developer and a Junior Sysadmin, so my best bet is to cleave the CV in twain and create two seperate CVs which take important stuff (like the personal info, the Education and the Experience) from each other.

Because I’m me, it’s going to contain a little geeky evil as well.

So today has been spent doing it. Go look at my new CV (The site navigation links are 50% broken, since I haven’t writen the complemetory pages yet).

The CV page is totally self-reliant. This may be obvious to IE users, but Moz users might want to take a look at the evil I’m using to make that true…

(Comments & Suggestions gratefully accepted)

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