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OK, an update. Sorry about the Bi-dailyness of the site at the moment. This Will Change.

You see that thing up there? Yeah? You can’t *really* miss it can you? It’s true. Through all the threats and violence, past packing (which I havn’t done yet as I type) and terribleness, I have, in fact, gone.

All right, not quite yet.

I am Happy. A mental state that (to me) is as rare as to be unpresidented. I, for the first time in months (and the first time *ever* south of Sunderland) went clubbing last night with someone who I used to care deeply for, and now still do, but on a slightly more shallow level.

Basically I ran into someone who I havn’t seen in almost a year, we talked, we drunk, I agreed to go clubbing with her and her friend. We did. I got back at 4am this morning, and was filming more Dr Who by 10 (got up at 9). I am being shouted at for getting *nothing* done in the last three days (What with Dr Who, Clubbing and more Dr Who 🙂

*And* I got a letter from Canada which was *wonderful*, Thanks muchly Arissa. Then today i not only got a phone call from the last person I was expecting, but also from Nattie, which was also great. So I am happy. And the world is a good and happy place. How it will look after 17 days with my family is another matter…

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