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Back. Inspired and Back, with a capital B and a capital I.

Stuff coming. AAN has a new direction, S2 will be a new venture I hadn’t thought of before, and this blog may end up being even strange.

Thanks to all (read: both of…) the people who supplied me with stuff to do on holiday. I ended up completing my Divine Comedy collection (Liberation and Cassanova alternated in my CD Player all though the (2 day) trip there and back. I can now sing you the entirity of both albums cold 🙂 Readingwise I bought Microserfs, The Mirror of Her Dreams, Inconceivable & The Diamond Age (All links to Amazon UK, Javascript in production for International stuff :-). Thanks to the above, I now know what Dalzie’s Introduction means, Have a burning desire for the next Mordant Book, and am inspired for what to do with this blog.

Stuff coming soon… ish:

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