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It’s been a fun weekend, for definitions of fun that include, well, not lots
really. Saturday I woke up in a hotel room in the middle of France, from a
dream in which everyone in the world had been lying to me all my life, at five
to seven in the morning. By eight we were on the road again, where we stayed
until we went to Verdun.

Verdun is incredible, and not in a good way. It is one of the major
battlefields of World War One. The entire landscape is decimated, Trees cover
it now, but you can still see the remains of trenches and the last resting
places of over half a million solders. In the forest is the hall of bones, the
final resting place of 300,000 people whose bones are buried in the foundations
of it, with their names carved on the stones of the hall. Each stone is about
10″ square, and the hall is huge. With that and the legions of wooden crosses
in front of it, the phrase “Never Again” brings new meanings to all but the
most hard-hearted of visitors.

Expect more on this mid-November (Remembrance day). We Will Remember Them.
(The history of the world wars holds a morbid fascination with me, handed down
from my dads interest in it).

We visited a fort too, more details of that another time, I think.

A quick (3 hoursish) jaunt down the moterway brought us to the Channel Tunnel,
vague panics as they announce the “service is on time, and the wait time is 45
minutes” Wha?

Anyhue, we got the next train back to Merrye Angleland, and another hour
brought us into the tiny dinginess of my home village. Within 15 minutes of
being home, I was online (I left my computer on, oops), and being told
postcards sent around the world had, in fact, arrived. Gosh.

It took me most of the time between that and this to catch up (couple of
thousand Usenet posts (no, I didn’t read them all) couple of hundred odd
e-mails (about 10 of which were worth reading *sigh*) and 17 days of the 10ish
web-comics I try to stay current with.

On top of this, I seem to be going though a stage of weird dreams. Last night I
feel in love with the girl opposite me on the train, only to find she had both a
husband *and* a boyfriend. *sigh*. But anyway, I was about to go and have lunch
with her, when my mother collared me at the station. She was looking for her
washing, which someone had stolen, and by the time I disentangled myself from
that, I’d lost the girl. *double sigh*. Last thing I saw was someone I knew at
school and wished to avoid though a railway arch. Fortunately I woke up.

Odd. But it didn’t involve me either dying (usually nastily) or already being
dead. This is a bonus.

Week ahead? Hah. I have to find a flat in Sunderland, I have a Driving Theory
test on Tuesday, and an AFP meet (sort of) early Wednesday morning. For which I
will get up at (shudder) 5am. If that time actually exists. But as far as this
goes, expect progress reports on the flat, probably on the test too. In more
obscure news, I have managed to finish the first of the S2 things. When I
finish a couple more, I’ll start putting them online. Work that one out 🙂

Oh dear, I spend quite a bit longer on that than I intended, and now it’s gone
midnight. Oh well.

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