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Oh dear.

Previously in this diary, I have mentioned the Real World Group Project in various forms (The irrate telephone call, The Yellow Card, the Impossible Program (here, under “University”)) so now I will explain how this most strange of University Modules works:

To start with, the year is divided up onto groups of 11, containing a mix of underachivers, overachivers, poor attenders, stars and that sort of stuff. Then we are given a real problem for a real system for a real company. In this case, The AA. Then we design this new system and each group submits a prototype design.

The client then selects which design he likes best, and that is distibuted around the other groups for an example of the way to go.

Today they annouced the winning tender. The team that produced the best stage one prototype and design.

It was us.

Yay! Go us.

This is unlike most Uni things for two reasons:

  1. It’s actually real
  2. We get paid

2 is very important 🙂

The winning team gets

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