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Last night I considered deleting Aquarionics and replacing it with a 410 – Gone. Not “BRB”, Hiatus! or “Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while”, but getting rid of the whole thing.

Mostly, it’s because lately I haven’t done much that’s interesting. I mean, currently I’m writing an interface for BrowserAngel that uses DHTML and stuff to create an application that “feels” like a desktop app, in that the response times are really damn quick and it doesn’t reload the entire page just to react to your latest desire. Sound familier? Yeah, BA has been doing stuff similier to the GMail interface since Prototype One, twelve months ago. I haven’t talked about any of this, mostly because I’m not allowed to give away what we’re doing. Yet.

Surfice to say it’s pretty cool, and that an A-List Blogger recently described exactly our product as an example of “Things that would be cool” and it nearly made me drop my tea. We may have more funding, meaning I’m not job hunting (again) in October. Yay.

Gets a phone call


Okay, so I’ve been offered a job. 35% pay rise, regular pay, commute to Bedford (not really good, takes ages) but place is a Python shop, so I’d be paid to learn Python. OTOH, we might get refunded here, and then I could be here when BrowserAngel (which is really cool) takes off.

OTTH, that might not happen.

They want an answer tomorrow morning.

That wasn’t how I was going to end this entry, but now I’ve got a fuck of a lot of thinking to do.

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