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So I’ve been volunteered to do a presentation about a module for which I have been to no lectures since Christmas. This is.. Er.. interesting.

I have done nothing.

Well, Not Quite True. I have programmed a brand new version of Space Invaders with The Games Factory, watched Love & Sex (Yes, it’s a Geek Gets Girl romantic coma-die. i.e., a fantasy) spent hours talking to Castilian about books, Terry Pratchett and everything. Ending up buying The Difference Engine, and I’ve been in an emergency meeting for the AFP Movie Project, which might end in the thing being legally binding. Scary.

I’ve rearranged the HTML code for this front page to try to make it load faster, mainly by removing those aspects of the site that load from other servers (Stuff like the “Feeling” bit of mostly, the pictures for Bloghop, and the Blue Ribbon icon) and getting rid of as many pictures as I can.

I’ve also rearranged the stylesheets. Yes, I *know* the font is smaller. It’s *supposed* to be this small, really. But I’ve been fighting with Netscape & IE‘s interpretation of my CSS file. I think I’ve fixed it now, but I could be wrong…

It also means I can close my Paragraphs properly, so that Aquarionics might finally be HTML 4 Compliant! Yay!

So, to conclude, I’ve done nothing. Again.

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