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Argh, Sorry. Bad week

My computer is no longer (Cross fingers) crashing every few minutes in Windows, so I have time enough to write a blog entry. Hay.

My Week:


Gosh, is it *that* long since I made an update? Argh. Monday was spent… er…






Oh yes, I emailed Sunderland Student Helpline for help flathunting.


Worked on a new idea for Aquarionics, played in PSP for a while, brainstormed the idea of putting all my meet reports in one place, Possibly called The Meet Locker. Decided that too many people link to the site as it is, so I can’t make major structual changes on a whim. Damn.

Reply from Student Helpline, with ideas for houses. Yay.


AFP Meet. A day spent in london discussing life, the university, and everything. Managed let the purpose of the meet miss her plane. Helped her catch the next one. Left at 7:am, arrived home 6:pm. Nothing else done.


Phoned Student Accomadation, they are sending me a list of Flats in the area


Ordered new mobile. Broke my keyboard, said nasty words about M$ keyboards that arn’t sugerproof. Also stopped my pooter crashing every so often (Microsoft Intellipoint drivers. Irony, no?) and played The Sims. Oh yes, my The Sims house is now online


Updated the The Sims website 🙂

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