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So, we remembered. Wern’t allowed to forget, in fact. Someone got shot with a double-barreled shotgun in central London late tuesday night, but you couldn’t find the real news, because it was buried under hundreds of hours of “Remember 9/11”, as if we could forget. Coming soon, rememberance Sunday, when this rant will really get going.

In other news (and if I’m going to make multiple points in a post like this I’m going to have to rewrite the system again…) new code has gone up, and as the day progresses you might see interesting things. Combining an idea from Aquarionics v2b (Note, current version is 4.06h) (Not to be confused with current Epistula version .007) (or Kewl version 1.8, or Knave v1.2, for that matter) (Yes, I’ll get around to packaging code, probably) (Actually, I’m considering moving the entire thing into CVS, which will at least seperate [E] from Aqcom. Hmm. Then there’s Smarty, which I’m going to integrate into a fork of [E], just to see if it’s neat enough, at first glance, it seems to put too much into my root filesystem. Where was I before I opened those original brackets? Ahh, yes) that has been stolen (Um, more probably paralell development, but hey) by certain other sites.

What else? Oh, yeah, NSD may be returning, but I’ve been saying that for six months, so don’t hold your breath; Work proceeds apace, being ahead of the project good, possibility of project extending better, being paid better still…; Cambridge Meet on Saturday (Yay!); LoneCat moves in the following saturday (More Yay!); The office is now listening to Jazz instead of Coldplay (Yay again!); All is well, Wish you were here, Speak soon.

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