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My job is scary. And also cool.

Today I had very little to do, because I’d created a pack of cards, and my next task requires art I haven’t got yet. Now, we are creating games, in Java, for PDAs in china. How we get the games from Java to China is an exercise for Marketing. Aha. Aha ha ha.


Part of my job has been to recreate the screens for the PDAs, cut out all the buttons and seperate images, make them look cool, and send them to the programmers as dummy images, along with X and Y co-ordinates for every element. So today I applied my CSS skills, and recreated the screen using the cooridinates I delivered to the programmers, to make sure it all worked right.

It worked.

Having done that, I thought it might be cool if it was animated, so that when you clicked the button, the scratchcard applied the animation, just like it will in the game.

That worked too.

A little more JS made the scratchcard icons properly random, a little more allowed the system to keep track of which icons were on screen, and wheather you’d won or not. Further JS resulted in a scoring system, a limited number of cards, and… and…

and I eventually ended up, over a couple of hours, recreating one of the five games we have to produce using only Javascript. At this point my Boss, who’s desk is behind me, asked what I was doing. And so, expecting to be complained at for wasting time, I demonstrated.

He asked me to package it up so he could send it to people who had been looking for something like this to demonstrate what the system actually did. So, I learnt more Javascript than I ever needed to, wasted a couple of hours of my time, and still came out winning. This is untrue. At some point, probably soon, the other shoe is going to drop, all hell is going to break loose, and Bad Shit will go down. Meanwhile, mind if I whistle?

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