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Okay, so the referer tracking stuff is now in, along with an implimentation of Phil’s suggestion of a most popular list (currently only doing Journal entries, the more generic version will be a little more complicated). It also outputs as an RSS/ESF feed, which is my solution to the output problem (Generic tag based output is complicated, so I prefer to tell people to grab the internally generated RSS/ESF feed and process it instead) (Not that I tell people anything, being the only person running Epistula).

So, you can click the “Refererals” button below each post for logs of how people got to it, and in addition each post tracks people going to it and crossreferences sites and searches that lead to it. The benifits of one-page-per-post archives. Also, each entry now links to the day, month and year archive it resides in via the date, and I’m now able to delete comments. Go Me.

I’ve also finished 75% of the project I was going to finish today, the rest is background processing whilst I do all this lot, so I’ll have a blinding flash of inspiration over dinner of how I’m going to leap the next hurdle.

So basically, I’ve been high on PHP for most of the day.

Yay me

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