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Stream of Consciousness

So, my new phone has the ability to do text recordings, a feature I was playing with on the walk home from the station. Some bits don’t make sense, sometimes because I’m talking bollocks, sometimes because you can’t actually hear what I’m saying. Next time I should really have a point before I shoot off at the microphone, but anyway. Stream of Consciousness. All MP3s are exactly 1 minute long.

Playlist of parts 1 though 14

Stream of Consciousness parts 1 – 10

Violence in Videogames

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Mockingbird's Wish

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

No, hang on a sec. That’s Star Wars.

It was a dark and stor…

No, that’s not right either.

I made a promise to Shelley ‘Burningbird’ Powers over a year ago that I would read her magical parable The Mockingbird’s Wish and post it.

I recorded it once then deleted it, because it was crap. Then I eventually Recorded it properly
and have been in the process of editing it since then.

Now it’s finished, read the tale and listen to the file.

The Mockingbird’s Wish (MP3, 5mb)

Oh, and it appears Shelley likes it too, which is aways nice

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Why it takes me so long to do audio-readingy-type-stuff

Why it takes me so long to record audio-type-readingy-stuff (2.9mb MP3)

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I promised Burningbird almost a year ago that I would read her story, “The Mockingbird’s Wish” and publish the reading.

I’ve done so.

Well, I’ve read it, and edited half of it, and as soon as I stop hateing the sound of my own voice, I’ll edit the other half too. Meanwhile, some outtakes.

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At CCDE, and I will stop going on about this soon, I fucked up on stage.

I don’t often fuck up live on stage. Twice, in fact, have I completely lost it on stage. The second was Friday night when I not only forgot the words to “Dedicated Follower Of Fashion”, but promptly lost the band and the tune as well. The first was a pantomime scene in which I – as a Buttons type – had to do a scene with the Dame, whose name was Barry Smith. Later that night, we got a joint award for “The scene with no known lines”, which summed it all up nicely.

Nevertheless, Friday night is bothering me since it made me acutely aware that I haven’t been on stage properly (as in, complete with script) for almost three years now, a stretch even by “Out of work actor” standards.

How do I get around this? Not sure. With the hour 1/2 commute each day to and from work I don’t really have time for anything like singing/voice lessons. Hmm. And indeed Hoom. I intend to fix this – and indeed my voice – sometime before the con where I have to sing again (Have to? Want to) but I don’t want this – like so many other things at the moment – to be “When I have time”, because I know I never shall.

So I have a plan. I got paid on Tuesday (Sing Yay for the first Tuesday of the month) so my master plan currently consists of buying a decent microphone and speaking into it, bringing AudioBlog back to Aquarionics, Project Alice back to the world, and finally (as in Eventually, since I’ll probably do this as soon as I’m happy with the quality) record Burningbird’s Mockingbird’s Wish as I promised back in May.

Until then, the warm up begins with something else BB wrote. The infamous Parable of the Languages.

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Watch the birdy

Draft One of the Aquarionic Production of Burningbird’s Mockingbird’s Wish (as requested) has been recorded. This is something like a fifteen minute edit, including the First Mother’s Lengthly Digression into Why Aquarion Can’t Read The Words Right, and thus won’t be released.

The problem I’m having is sound effects. The chances are I’ll release the first version into the blogsphere and then see if someone with more sound-fu than me can add the effects.

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More audiobloggery.

  • Lemmings!

    Oh, and I finally got around to blogrolling Cathy, despite having been reading the blog for months. You can’t tell (The blogroll not being on this design, must…not..redesign…) but it’s there on my start page for all to see.

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Watching You

Okay, so the referer tracking stuff is now in, along with an implimentation of Phil’s suggestion of a most popular list (currently only doing Journal entries, the more generic version will be a little more complicated). It also outputs as an RSS/ESF feed, which is my solution to the output problem (Generic tag based output is complicated, so I prefer to tell people to grab the internally generated RSS/ESF feed and process it instead) (Not that I tell people anything, being the only person running Epistula).

So, you can click the “Refererals” button below each post for logs of how people got to it, and in addition each post tracks people going to it and crossreferences sites and searches that lead to it. The benifits of one-page-per-post archives. Also, each entry now links to the day, month and year archive it resides in via the date, and I’m now able to delete comments. Go Me.

I’ve also finished 75% of the project I was going to finish today, the rest is background processing whilst I do all this lot, so I’ll have a blinding flash of inspiration over dinner of how I’m going to leap the next hurdle.

So basically, I’ve been high on PHP for most of the day.

Yay me

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Performance Art

Today is apparently Perfomance Art day in the Neighbourhood. Mike has a whole load of links to people taking part, saving me the effort.

For my part, I’ve decided to read the thing that I enjoyed most this week into a microphone. It’s David Salo’s Cave Linguistica, and it’s in the attachment below.

I should point out that that MP3 is about seven minutes long, and 3mb in size