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At CCDE, and I will stop going on about this soon, I fucked up on stage.

I don’t often fuck up live on stage. Twice, in fact, have I completely lost it on stage. The second was Friday night when I not only forgot the words to “Dedicated Follower Of Fashion”, but promptly lost the band and the tune as well. The first was a pantomime scene in which I – as a Buttons type – had to do a scene with the Dame, whose name was Barry Smith. Later that night, we got a joint award for “The scene with no known lines”, which summed it all up nicely.

Nevertheless, Friday night is bothering me since it made me acutely aware that I haven’t been on stage properly (as in, complete with script) for almost three years now, a stretch even by “Out of work actor” standards.

How do I get around this? Not sure. With the hour 1/2 commute each day to and from work I don’t really have time for anything like singing/voice lessons. Hmm. And indeed Hoom. I intend to fix this – and indeed my voice – sometime before the con where I have to sing again (Have to? Want to) but I don’t want this – like so many other things at the moment – to be “When I have time”, because I know I never shall.

So I have a plan. I got paid on Tuesday (Sing Yay for the first Tuesday of the month) so my master plan currently consists of buying a decent microphone and speaking into it, bringing AudioBlog back to Aquarionics, Project Alice back to the world, and finally (as in Eventually, since I’ll probably do this as soon as I’m happy with the quality) record Burningbird’s Mockingbird’s Wish as I promised back in May.

Until then, the warm up begins with something else BB wrote. The infamous Parable of the Languages.

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