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I shall not redesign my website.

I shall not redesign.
Redesign is the time waster.
Redesign is the little distraction that precludes me doing code I’m paid for.
I shall face the new design.
I shall allow the new design to pass though me into Paint Shop Pro,
then I shall analise it for possible pitfalls.

Is it elegant? Does it say “I am cool”? does it spring from the page and make you want – nay – need to explore it?

It does? Then it is good.

Does it dance? Does it swing? Does it sway from side to side? Does it rely on Javascript for important design elements?

It does not? Then it is good.

Is it codeable? Can it be done without resorting to tables? is today’s CSS up to the challanges of this design?

It is? Then you have done well?

Is it easy? Can you complete it in a few days? Will you be bored of the mindless tedium of creating the templates? Will it streach your knowledge of CSS?

It will? Then it is a worthy redesign.


I will not redesign my website.


(Edit: I did. Six days later. Bah)

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