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Jumping back into the RSS bandwagon again, I’ve fixed the Aqcom RSS2 feed to escape entities (Hoping that doesn’t break something else somewhere down the line) so that people can stop complaining at me 😛

Most of my current work, however, is spent on the new RPG system. The basic system is now there (Unless you’re using Galeon, which apparently hates label tags when floated left, even if you float them back again later. It just doesn’t display them. Did I mention I hate browsers? I hate browsers). The design is deceptivly simple. Apart from the purple banner at the top, nothing has any formatting, only grouping and positioning. This means that the entire site is built from your browser preferences. This means that not only are any rendering bugs (apart from the labels) not my fault, but I can take the moral high-ground when people tell me that black on white is unreadable by telling them to change their personal settings.

Mwa ha ha.

Also, PFd4 (Said RPG system) is now the only web-based RPG system in existance (That I know of) that has valid RSS feeds of the game…

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