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On the first hand, I’m going to mention that things appear to be going upwards in life, banks are paying me money instead of charging me it. This won’t last, but is cool while it does. I may even not be homeless soon.

In the meanwhile, Phil Ringnalda was just lightly ranted on the subject of excepts of posts in feeds instead of the full post.

I’m semi-guilty of this. The description field of my RSS .9 feeds are all cut-down excerpts, whereas the RSS2 feeds contain the full post within content:encoded tags as well as the thirty metric tonnes of other stuff RSS2 gives us to play with. (I maintain that the best way to autodetect the trackback of a post is to find the trackback fragment of the RSS feed. My page is too big to add thirty lines of comments for every entry already.

The original reason for the excerpts was that I wanted people to visit the site. At the time, new stuff was appearing here daily (In much the same way he sidebar to the right has been filling over the last couple of months, but over days rather than months) and having spent time and energy on the design, I’d rather people viewed it here instead.

The other major point was that I tend to format posts, emphasise stuff and insert pictures in entries from time to time, and the fact that putting HTML in the description tag was evil was also a factor. The content was having problems in a purely textual medium, and I’m a designer, damnit. You will be forced to see my designs…

In Other News, The blogroll is about to vanish, or at least shrink considerably. It doesn’t mean I’ve Deblogrolled anyone, it’s just that I’m experimenting in differant ways to get my blogshares share value somewhere above $1.

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