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A number of interesting things happened today. Not least was that first dearg’s, then Adrian’s comments about the Valentines Day thing broke the XML parser that does the “Latest Comments” bar, because PHP‘s various HTML-Entity functions don’t do anything with pound signs (£) in the second case, and for some reason " confuses the XML parser in the first.

So, Partly for that, and partly because Mr Wisse poked a hole in the comments system I’ve been doing a bit of reanalysis and recoding, and my previous two line filter script (newline to <br> then encode entities) has been turned into a semi-full text processing thing that wasn’t inspired by anywhere and which is in a file called textile.php purely by chance. Oh yes. Very much so. Ahem.

Eventually, I’ll add stuff like blockquotes and headers to it, and then write entries in that rather than HTML, because it does things automatically that I can’t be bothered to. The net result is that while you can’t break my comments system in the same way again[1], you can now use UBB style codes ([strong][/strong], [em][/em] and n* itemn* itemn*itemn unordered lists, where n is new line) in comments. And no, you won’t be able to add headers, tables and pictures, even when I can 😛

HTML in comments will still be laughed at and exposed, natch.

[1] Actually, yes you can. Because Mozilla doesn’t support &shy;, Still, then the soft-hypens that the formatter helps you put in are completely useless to anyone not using IE. (Subrant: This has been known about since mid-1999. It has been stated in the report that fixing it is not the problem, and since it’s precisely defined as to what it should do (break the line if it needs to) the disussion changed into “Should it display a hypen or not?” though to a digression on white-space, and still isn’t fixed. And then they whine when Apple chose the Konquerer base for Safari…

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