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A picture of Aquarion


Aquarion floats in a multi-dimensional hyperspace of his own making, and projects his consciousness through this hyperspace into our mundane three-dimensional world for our enjoyment and edification.

[Edit: No, hang on, that’s a bit too wordy. How can I simplify that a bit? Oh, wait, I know.]

Aquarion runs this website.

That’s, naturally, not the only thing he does. He writes code, during the day for BrowserAngel as a PHP/SQL hacker, and during the nights for any number of different projects (this website not least among them). He also writes things that aren’t code, like ESF, a rant that became a nine-day-wonder and then became a standard that lots of people implemented, articles for alt.fan.pratchett, and (it must be admitted) things for this website as well.

And he’s twenty-three, and has been since the 26th of January 2004.

Outside the web, there’s lonecat. That might be better phrased as “other than lonecat, there’s the web”. She’s lovely.


This site is kept going with a bewildering array of computers and software and processes and hard labour and sweat. Well, not sweat. A determination to overcome the perversity of inanimate objects, perhaps. Anyway. The main thing that keeps this going (apart from the perversity thing) is Epistula, the all-singing all-dancing triumphant victory over complexity that is Aquarion’s site management and weblog system. It’s amazing. Be grateful you don’t have to debug it. Epistula runs (for the moment, until it becomes like that face in Matrix Revolutions) on a Gentoo Linux box called sneaky, which belongs to pol, on the test server, a Debian Linux box called atoll, and the development box, Maelstrom, a Windows XP machine.

(Written by Aquarius) There are also versions of this file from 2002 and 2003

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