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Okay, So that would be definitions of “Tonight” that match Thursday,. Well, they share one of the same letters…

Last night was the office Christmas party, where I drank a significant amount of London Pride, ate some of a significantly nice Chinese meal in a significantly nice restaurant, and significantly got back home at about 1am, having had a very nice conclusion to a significantly sucky day. Yesterday morning, in fact, was one of the worst mornings my final year project group was accused of racism. And, as I had to do then, I’m not going to explain why just yet, in case it stops happening.

Please let it stop happening.

And in a little while, I’m going to Bath for LoneCat’s graduation, back sometime tomorrowish. Then I have to get comments back before the 21st (Comments display works, I just haven’t done the form & validation yet)

Um. Yeah, social commentary stuff. Weblog Conference Good. “Meatspace” horrible word. BBC Streams Good.