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Recently this site has been somewhat overrun with spam comments. Not that anyone who doesn’t follow the Recent Comments page or syndication feed will ever have seen them, as they’ve been spread over the last six years of entries. Either way, it’s annoyed me, and so I’ve done something about it.

What I have done is enhanced my existing trust network system so that if it doesn’t see you as a “trusted user” it runs your comment though the all-singing, all-dancing Akismet system.

Now, I’m not entirely sure about this as a system, because the idea of posting all the comments from my site though someone else’s service is not exactly ideal (Esspecially since the authors of it have a not entirely spotless record), but distributed spam systems seem to work better than my old regex system.

It’s on trial until I forget about it and leave it in.

The code for it is in the usual place, I’m using Bret Kuhns’ PHP Class for the difficult bit.

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