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So, ccooke – my friend, my housemate, and coder of many scary things – and I had this bet.

It started with him wanting to start an online diary, and me offering him an account here, very much like LoneCat has, and him deciding that he would prefer to write his own engine.

At this point, I made with the hollow laughing noises, and put forth the view that this would never get finished, and he would spend forever playing with it, and it would never go online as a diary engine.

After about a week, still confident in my apraisal, this was formed into a bet, along with the idea that even if it did go online it wouldn’t stay online for a week, reguarlly updated.

Both of these bets I have now lost. ccooke’s diary is both online, at http://cus.org.uk/~ccooke/diary, and has been updated for a week now. It is both sick and twisted, although it may not seem so at first glance. Dig a bit and you may see why.

It was not linked to earlier because cc asked me not to, rather than because of some petty attempt to actually win the bet 🙂

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